HCMC wants vocational training for disabled students

Ho Chi Minh City proposed the Ministry of Education and Training to work out a vocational training for students with disabilities to help them integrating the society and earning money to feed themselves.
HCMC wants vocational training for disabled students
Vocational training for disabled students is one of a part of content which was discussed in a meeting held by the municipal Department of Education and Training to review the academic year 2016-2017 and implement task for new school year for special education in the city on October 12.
As per the Department, the number of disabled students integrate the society increased more meanwhile facilities and educational equipment cannot meet the demands. Moreover, just a few managers and teaching staffs are trained for special schools for these students. Worse, lately, many teachers in special schools quit the job to take another work and transfer to other occupations leading to a confusion.
Statistically, 21 special schools and 10 educational facilities are located in the city; however, districts 4, 7, 9, Thu Duc, Binh Thanh, Nha Be and Hoc Mon have no special schools for disabled students.
Critically, the number of junior and senior high schools decreases. For instance, in the school year 2016-2017, the number of primary school is 398 to admitting 3,152 disabled students yet the number of junior high schools is 179 with 1,160 special students while 23 senior high schools receive 59 students.
Though the education authority ordered to reduce the size of a class in public schools to receive students with disabilities aiming to help them integrate the society, it has not been carried out because teachers are under pressure with a big class.
Accordingly, the city authority petitioned the Ministry to work out a vocational training curriculum for students with different disabilities to aid them.
In addition, the Department also petitioned to have preferential policies for cooks, guards, serviceman, staffs, clerks and nurses in special school and centers.

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