HCMC updating data on vehicle registration, management

The Ho Chi Minh City Road – Railway Traffic Police Division (PC08 – under the HCMC Public Security Department) yesterday announced that it is reviewing, updating, and supplementing data on road vehicle registration for ease of management.

PC08 is reviewing and supplementing missing information for road vehicles in HCMC

PC08 informed that this review is a task in the Government’s Project 06 ‘Developing an Application for Population Database, Digital Identification and Authentication for the National Digital Transformation from 2022-2025, with a Vision to 2030’.

Accordingly, based on the list of expired vehicles provided by Vietnam Register and the list of vehicles that have undergone procedures to revoke registration and number plates, PC08 is going to separate these vehicles to better manage them.

PC08 is going to establish a list of vehicles under its charge to check and compare with the existing data on the vehicle registration system. If all information, especially the ones on citizen ID card, tax code, and phone number of vehicle owners as well as chassis number, engine number of vehicles themselves, is sufficient and precise, it will confirm its integrated data in the vehicle registration system. Otherwise, it will collect necessary data and update them on this system.

The essential information of vehicle owners’ current accommodation is also updated by PC08 in cooperation with the HCMC Police Division for Administrative Management of Social Order. It will work with the HCMC Tax Office to update data about vehicle owners who are an organization on the vehicle registration system.

Information on vehicles related to traffic accidents, administrative violations will be checked and updated by PC08 as well. Any vehicles that are damaged out of repair capacity will have their license plate and registration retrieved.

Finally, PC08 is going to update the list of stolen vehicles on the vehicle registration system, based on the list given by the state investigation agency. It is also collaborating with the local police to come to each household to collect any mission information related to a road vehicle.