HCMC to build more public toilets

Deputy Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Tran Vinh Tuyen yesterday assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to review the model of public restrooms.

The People’s Committee will give the model to local administrations to build more facilities.
The Department was assigned to study models of smart public toilets designed by Tien Phong Co. Ltd and consult the requirements of toilet construction to the committee and administrative bodies in an effort to build such facility citywide.
Departments of Natural Resources and Environment, Transport, the Architecture Planning, Construction and related bodies should review locations of public restrooms in 24 districts to build more facilities aiming to improve urban "face".
The departments and related bodies will give consultation to people’s committees and investors in districts when needed.
The Department of natural Resources and Environment will instruct Tien Phong in completing formalities of public toilet construction projects in public-private partnership format or other forms of investment.
The department will consider investment and earnings as basis for project feasibility as per the law. It will assess Tien Phong’s project and then submit to the Committee.

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