HCMC striving to maintain sufficient water for household operations

To limit water shortage, saltwater intrusion in HCMC this year, Chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee directed all localities to closely monitor the current weather conditions and wisely store and use water.

The irrigation work in the East of Cu Chi District regularly receives upgrades to ensure the water volume for water supply plants (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, all districts and Thu Duc City are asked to strictly observe directions of the HCMC People’s Committee, the HCMC Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and relevant state departments in adopting measures to fight against the heat, drought, salinity intrusion, and water shortage.

The highly vulnerable areas should be identified for special attention to ensure enough water for domestic use.

Simultaneously, clogged or silted canals and in-field ditches must be dredged to increase water storage capacity. Regulating sluices must be logically operated to stop saltwater intrusion and have sufficient freshwater for manufacturing as well as daily operations.

The HCMC Agriculture and Rural Development must actively monitor the water status and timely deliver warnings about salinity intrusion to people in affected areas. It should also instruct the local authorities to implement suitable solutions to minimize damages caused by drought and this intrusion. It has to urge investors to accelerate the progress of irrigation works so that they can be of use as soon as possible.


Related state units must effectively operate existing irrigation works to distribute freshwater for domestic and production purposes, to push saltwater away when necessary, to minimize wastes in water resource, and to provide useful consultation to the HCMC People’s Committee in the combat against salinity intrusion and water shortage. Highly vulnerable areas must receive special attention in these tasks.

City budget must prioritize the construction, upgrade, and repair of water distribution or control works along with irrigation ones.

The Southern Irrigation Exploitation One-Member Co. Ltd. must cooperate with the Irrigation Services Exploitation and Management One-Member Co. Ltd. to store and regulate water in Dau Tieng Reservoir to ensure sufficient water for its downstream, especially HCMC.

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