HCMC striving to effectively implement Project 06 on digital transformation

The HCMC People’s Committee yesterday held an online meeting to summarize results of two years carrying out Project 06 in the city.

Chairman Phan Van Mai of the HCMC People’s Committee is delivering certificates of merits to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements (Photo: SGGP)

In his report, Deputy Director of the HCMC Public Security Department Tran Duc Tai informed that after two years launching the project ‘Developing an Application for Population Database, Digital Identification and Authentication for the National Digital Transformation from 2022-2025, with a Vision to 2030’ (Project 06) in the city, all state units have experienced strong improvements to better conduct their assigned missions.

The HCMC Public Security Department – the standing agency of the Steering Committee for Project 06 in the city – has strictly followed the directions of central state units and ministries while delivering timely consultation to the HCMC People’s Committee and Party Committee.

It has adopted various measures to clean the citizen data and help city dwellers updating or registering for new citizen ID cards as well as electronic identification so as to simplify administrative procedures related to residence management.

“HCMC considers Project 06 as one of the core parts to establish a digital government, economy, and society and to provide favorable conditions for the growth of Vietnamese digital businesses – the foundation to aid the city to complete the plans and programs set forth by the municipal Party Committee. This is a good time to summarize the achievements so far and tackle existing problems so that the project can be better done in the near future”, said Vice Chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc.

Chairman Phan Van Mai of the HCMC People’s Committee is delivering certificates of merits to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements (Photo: SGGP)

Until now, HCMC has successfully introduced 17/35 models in its digital transformation process, including ‘Launching the accommodation software among accommodation businesses and hospitals (ASM)’, ‘Cashless payment’ among all schools in the city, ‘Disease diagnosis and treatment via chip-based citizen ID cards and the VNeID app’, ‘Digital signature provision via the VNeID app’.

The task of issuing chip-based citizen ID cards and electronic identification is critical when turning citizens into digital ones. For the last two years, the police force in HCMC has formed mobile teams sited inside hospitals or visiting needed individuals to help them create their own cards and e-identification, followed by proper account activation. So far, nearly 7.7 million ID card registrations have been submitted and over 5.5 million e-identification at level 2 have been activated successfully.

Thanks to the launch of Project 06, HCMC has been able to link and share data in its Electronic One-station Information System with the National Population Database. Until now, the progress to digitize results of administrative procedures in the city has reached 96 percent, with the offer of 276 procedures partly online and 464 fully online.

In its proposal, the HCMC Department of Education and Training shared that there are still certain difficulties when identifying the residence status of students whose permanent address is not in the city, leading to a need to access the temporary residence data.

Director Vo Thi Trung Trinh of the HCMC Center for Digital Transformation stated that one essential task in the upcoming time of HCMC is to try to synchronize and link its system to the databases of ministries and state agencies because many systems are now not compatible with the one of the city.

Another problem comes from the implementation of public digital signatures, which requires more propaganda to raise public awareness. Also, these signatures are free of charge for only one year when carrying out public services (not free for other transactions), but this time should be extended.

Deputy Director Tran Duc Tai informed that in the near future, HCMC will strive to finish all Project-06-related missions and turning this into of criterion for annual ranking evaluation of state unit leaders.

Chairman Phan Van Mai of the HCMC People’s Committee is delivering certificates of merits to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements (Photo: SGGP)

“I highly appreciate the smooth cooperation between state agencies at all levels and the police force in the city for the past two years. The achievements so far have provided valuable lessons not only for the city itself but for central state units as well, with the final aim of successfully completing Project 06” stressed Chairman Phan Van Mai of the HCMC People’s Committee.

He then reminded relevant agencies to work with one another to address current problems such as unlinked data, investment trouble, institutional issues. As there are predicted challenges to appear, it is advisable to strictly follow the approved plans and directions from the central unit so that Project 06 is harmonious with the Digital Transformation Project of HCMC.

For administrative procedures to be done on digital platforms in 2025, right now, there must be plans to develop public services and introduce a single app for citizens to use conveniently.

“As there are now three Steering Committees for Project 06, for Administrative Reform, and for Digital Transformation, it is wiser for the HCMC Department of Home Affairs to combine them into one for more effective management and operation”, insisted Chairman Mai.

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