HCMC safely, enthusiastically welcoming new normal status

Ho Chi Minh City, after fifteen days implementing Directive No.18 by HCMC People’s Committee and now Resolution No.128/NQ-CP by the Government, has witnessed impressive socio-economic recoveries. Meanwhile, the numbers of new Covid-19 infected cases and deaths continuously decrease. HCMC is gradually recovering from the severe outbreak.

Citizens are shopping in Emart Supermarket in Go Vap District on October 13. (Photo: SGGP)

Head of the HCMC Institute for Development Studies Tran Hoang Ngan informed that Resolution No.128 by the Government about ‘Safe and Flexible Adaptation and Effective Control over the Covid-19 Pandemic’ has revealed the State’s strategy towards living along with the disease, after careful consideration of advice and experience from experts in other nations and WHO in Covid-19 fighting.

This resolution has offered much space for the localities of each province and city to effectively adjust according to their specific situation, as long as there is consistency and synchronicity nationwide. This means the Covid-19 fighting goal has to switch from ‘Zero Covid-19’ to ‘safe adaptation in Covid-19 environment’.

It is expected that when welcoming the new normal status, there will be a temporary increase in the quantity of new F0 cases, which requires the localities to prepare in advance a detailed feasible plan to cope with the situation and avoid the passivity and closure.

Agreeing with the above idea of the necessity for consistency in operation and legal matters, Dr. Huynh Thanh Dien from Nguyen Tat Thanh University commented that what businesses need right now is a consistent and reliable policy on pandemic prevention and control so that they can devise their own suitable working plans.

The strength of Resolution No.128 is the provision of great adjustment space for all provinces and cities, yet the local authorities must avoid crashes in regulation introduction, which has lately created congestions in goods flow and exhaustion among businesses as well as the community.

Since the country is now classified into the four kinds of read, orange, yellow, and green zones, there might be local Covid-19 checkpoints at the boundaries of each zone. It is, therefore, necessary to think about a solution to erase potential congestions.

In addition, the 5K rules and other essential medical measures must be strictly observed, while mobile medical clinics must be well maintained to timely handle emergencies of different levels.

Associate Prof. Dr. Vo Cong Quang from Go Van District stated that for 15 days, HCMC has enjoyed a positive decrease by five times in the number of new Covid-19 cases and a drop of death cases to under one hundred. There is no overloading status in Covid-19 treatment hospitals here. They have showed that the outbreak is truly under control in HCMC.

Despite this fourth severe outbreak of the pandemic, HCMC and the Southern key economic zone still possess great recovery and development potential. This October alone, the local authorities have done their best within their power to support socio-economic restarting. Together with that is the acceleration of the vaccination campaign and the flexibility of all people in Covid-19 prevention and control tasks. The future is bright and promising.

Leader of Neighborhood No.86 in Ward 25 of Binh Thanh District shared that nearly all daily activities in the ward have turned back to normal. People feel medically safe and optimistic because they are fully vaccinated. The vulnerable are well cared. Essential commodities are surplus to satisfy the community’s needs. All seem bright and shiny.

Members in the neighborhood always encourage one another to obey all necessary medical rules so that they can safely live along with the virus still in their environment.

Director of Thai Nam Interior Decoration Co. Nguyen Huu Thang commented that after two weeks resuming business activities, HCMC gradually turns back to its normal active, dynamic, bustling style. Food shops, goods stores, manufacturing plants, companies are all open to welcome customers. Despite enduring severe impacts of the pandemic, all are eager to earn back their stable life.

He concluded that to support the community and enterprises to successfully recover from the sickness, the municipal authorities should release helpful policies and measures like tax reduction or exemption, overhead cost reduction, simplified and quicker administrative procedures, long-term investment for sustainable economic development, stable social security maintenance, grassroots clinic quality improvement.

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