HCMC ranked third in digital transformation nationwide

Ho Chi Minh City rose to the third position nationwide in the Digital Transformation Index in 2021 according to the Ministry of Information and Communications’ recent announcement about the results of the Digital Transformation Index this year.
HCMC ranked third in digital transformation nationwide ảnh 1 At the security monitoring center in HCMC's District 12 
The results of the Digital Transformation Index are based on nine key indicators, which are divided into the general platform index group and the operational index group. In particular, the common foundation index group has six main indicators including digital awareness, digital institutions, digital infrastructure, digital human resources, network information security, and smart cities. The group of activity indicators includes three main indicators comprising of digital government activities, digital economic activities, and digital social activities.
According to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications, Ho Chi Minh City faced many unprecedented difficulties last year because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
The entire political system had to work hard in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. The good results in digital transformation have shown good leadership of Ho Chi Minh City administration as well as the government’s determination to implement the digital transformation of the city's political system in response to the epidemic as well as the southern metropolis’ sustainable economic development.
In order to create a solid foundation for the implementation of digital transformation, Ho Chi Minh City has deployed important platforms. For instance, the southern largest city implemented City Data Sharing and Integration Platform to share data between agencies and units’ information systems citywide.
Moreover, the platform successfully connected with the integrated platforms and connect with the National Public Service Portal and information systems of ministries and sectors.
Centralized aggregated data processing and analysis platform from a shared data warehouse and an open data ecosystem that integrates existing databases in HCMC’s shared data warehouse departments and agencies. In addition, the city has implemented its data portal with the aim to share data for departments, sectors, and districts.
Ho Chi Minh City is the first locality in the country to complete the digitization of civil status data and put it into the shared data warehouse of the Ministry of Justice.
A comprehensive and unified digital management platform for the city was used to serve the direction, administration, and internal management of state agencies. Currently, the Portal 1022 continues to be expanded with the participation of 86 units and 625 other bodies that are authorities at all levels.
In April 2022, the city announced and put into operation a system to monitor the handling of complaints and petitions of people through the switchboard 1022. The system helps city leaders and responsible agencies to look up , monitor each recommendation, monitor quality, handle the situation and reflect recommendations, and promptly make operating decisions in order to improve service quality to people, organizations, and businesses.
HCMC ranked third in digital transformation nationwide ảnh 2 Residents in Phu Nhuan District are trained how to use the national database portal
The online meeting platform has contributed to changing the working method from face-to-face to online and it proved to be definitely effective in the city's epidemic prevention and control. Officials and city officials can conduct simple online meetings with smart devices.
In addition, the platform that has been and is being focused on by the city to promote and develop in the near future is a virtual assistant platform serving people and businesses and a virtual assistant platform serving civil servants and public employees. The goal is to promote the power of artificial intelligence in supporting people and civil servants.
On the basis of the existing achievements, in 2022, Ho Chi Minh City will continue to promote digital transformation and improve the Digital Transformation Index.
Specifically, the city Department of Information and Communications will strengthen the communication of the IT TODAY communication program in 2022 to propagate the results of implementing digital transformation and building a smart city. Furthermore, the city will step up the propaganda on newspapers and radio about the results and utility services brought by the process of digital transformation and development of e-government towards the digital government.
The city is determined to continue the operation of the Portal to receive and answer information for people, businesses, and organizations in Ho Chi Minh City (Portal 1022) as well as deploy a unified mobile application to enhance the interaction between the government and the people to facilitate the people and businesses.
At the same time, the implementation of data sharing in the urban block including land, construction, traffic, planning, welfare, health care and education to serve people and businesses will be the top priority.
In addition, the city will continue expanding the application of exploitation and use of digitized civil status book data in simplifying administrative procedures, reducing submissions, reducing the time to process documents, and reducing travel for the people; thereby, contributing to accelerating digital transformation.
HCMC ranked third in digital transformation nationwide ảnh 3 People enter the national database portal to apply for passport

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