HCMC proposes accelerating decentralization process

Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai yesterday reported four major missions and solutions of the city in 2022 to the Government, along with a proposal to speed up the decentralization process in order to support HCMC to fulfill those critical missions.

Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Phan Van Mai is delivering his speech at the meeting with the Government. (Photo: SGGP)

Chairman Phan Van Mai first expressed his deep appreciation for all previous directions and aid that HCMC has received so far from the central Government, Vietnam Fatherland Front, ministries, the authorities, citizens and businesses of other provinces and cities during the fourth Covid-19 outbreak. In September 2021, the outbreak was basically under control.

Thanks to the vaccination campaign carried out quickly in the city for all who are 18 years old and over, lately the city has enjoyed a significant decrease in the quantity of newly infected cases as well as death rate. It has been able to mobilize all possible resources for the sake of social security, with a distribution of more than VND12,000 billion (approx. US$527 million) to needy people.

HCMC has completed its structure arrangement, implemented its urban government model, and is on its way to improve the investment environment. Statistics reveal impressive achievements such as state budget reaching over VND381,000 billion ($16.7 billion – accounting for 104.5 percent of the estimate), direct foreign investment reaching $7.23 billion (138.6 percent of 2020), export and import increases by 2.8 percent and 24.9 percent respectively.

Seeing that the rhythm of life has returned to normal, HCMC has proactively introduced its economic recovery program for the period from 2022-2025 and its citywide medical strategy in accordance with the national policies. It is determined in implementing the Government’s 2022 operation theme – solidarity, discipline, safe and effective adaptation, recovery, and development.

State leaders are attending the meeting. (Photo: SGGP)
In 2022, HCMC aims at having a growth rate of 6-6.5 percent and synchronously completing 8 key national missions. In order to do that, the city will focus on the four major missions and solutions of:

1.     Flexibly adopting the Government’s overall strategy on Covid-19 prevention and control, with a high focus on effectively handling the newest variant.

The six medical goals to be done are: vaccination coverage, pandemic control, management of F0 cases treated at home as well as in hospital, public awareness raising as to proper behaviors in the new normal status, and improvement in pandemic fighting capacity for the medical staff, especially grass-roots ones.

The city here proposes that the Government allow antiviral drug manufacturing and distribution as soon as possible.

2.     Implementing economic recovery plans, with a strong focus on supporting businesses to resume their operation via a suitable 2-stage programs in 2022 and from 2023-2025. The first one will be to fix the broken supply chain and help enterprises, particularly tourism ones, to restart their work.

Wholeheartedly welcoming the fiscal and credit support packages, Chairman Mai proposed that the Government put a greenlight for HCMC to add more local budget into these packages suitably. He also asked for a proper instruction document from related ministries right when the packages are approved by the National Assembly.

3.     Continuously improving the quality of HCMC’s urban government model in close relation with bettering its investment environment via addressing current issues for more capital attraction.

The city is going to conduct a review on the adoption of the National Assembly’s Resolution No.54 (about special mechanisms and policies for development after 2022) and submit a replacement for the Government’s Decree No.93 (on decentralizing certain aspects in HCMC).

The city here proposes that the Government accelerate the decentralization process in local areas, adjust local planning, issue permits for the establishment of urban areas and industrial parks, separate land clearance projects from construction content, and urgently consider 11 adjustments in the Land Law that the city has recommended.

4.     Mobilizing all possible resources for the completion of traffic infrastructure projects like the development of metro lines 1 and 2, HCMC – Moc Bai Express Way construction, Ring Road No.3 construction.

HCMC here proposes that the Government give authorization to suitable state agencies and the localities, along with a guidance to choose the most feasible investment method, with a high priority on capital allocation for Ring Road No.3 project, which is key to the Southern economic zone.

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