HCMC Party Committee applying IT in administrative reform

Ho Chi Minh City right now is undertaking administrative reform in state agencies as well as local Party units, achieving impressive results so far.

Thanks to administrative reform, Party admission has become much simpler for outstanding citizens.

During the social distance period in HCMC, many local Party organizations here held online meetings to disseminate new resolutions, directions, and polices of the Central Party and the Government. Thanks to that, the close connection among Party members was never broken.

Information technology was also implemented successfully in administrative reform among several Party units in the city. Take District 3 Party Committee as an example. It introduced an operation and document management application between the district level and ward one for timely information updates, monitoring activities of leaders. It now takes only 1-2 days to receive and handle complaints from the public. In addition, digital signatures have been used in these units for more effective document storage and distribution.

District 10 Party Committee has undertaken digital transformation via specialized as well as shared software pieces to lessen the time needed in consultation processes and maintain the quality. Digital forms and data sheets now help officers simplify their report preparation process. Meanwhile, the link among local Party units here gets stronger day by day.

District 7 Party Committee has gone through a similar IT implementation process in such tasks as monitoring discipline enforcement among members; storing and distributing formal documents (except for confidential ones); collecting data of Party members, state officials who violated the law; digitizing disciplinary decisions from the past to 2021. This has greatly reduced the monitoring time of Party leaders by 5 days, while minimizing mistakes in document preparation and paper use.

Vice Secretary of District 7 Party Committee Tran Chi Dung commented that the IT use habits of Party members in the district have changed a great deal. In addition, the reduction in paper use and online meeting hosting has saved VND45 million  (US$1,900) a year.

Candidates participating in the test to recruit civil servants for Party units and public organizations in HCMC
For many years, District 4 Party Committee has effectively used the two models ‘Support, Receive, Send Party-related Documents of Elder, Unhealthy Party Members to Door’ and ‘Support Elder, Unhealthy Members in Applying for Party Title Awarding at Home’. They have decreased the process by 3 days to 7 days while minimizing the cases of lateness in Party activity participation because of weakness, difficulty in traveling.

The new list of 21 administrative procedures in Party development and organization procedures of the district displays the use of IT in paperwork to save time by 3-5 days on average for many procedures like adding human resources in district level, approving human resources designation for each term, admission to the Party or exemption from work of Party members.

There are opinions that the use of paper to record meeting minutes is not suitable anymore. It is suggested that if a meeting has no confidential information, its minutes can be in an electronic form. Also, there are voices to collect Party fee via bank transfer or collection books so that leaders of each local Party unit is more flexible in fee collection.

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