HCMC orders suspension of non-essential services

The People’s Committee of HCMC announced the temporary suspension of all non-essential services from 0:00 am on May 28 amid continuing Covid-19 transmission.
HCMC orders suspension of non-essential services ảnh 1 Restaurants, street food and drink stores must move to mobile ordering and takeaway. (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, the municipal authorities decided to close spas, beauty salons, barbershops, medical clinics, aesthetic hospitals, restaurants, tourist attractions, historical sites, museums, libraries across the city.

Hotels, restaurants, street eateries, sidewalk iced tea shops and cafes have been forced to temporarily shut down.

Hotels are allowed to only serve food and beverages for guests who are staying in the accommodation facilities. No more than a maximum of 20 persons should be gathered at the same time and ensure social distancing of 2 meters.

In the other hand, Homestay and Airbnb services are also suspended until further notice.

Restaurants, street food and drink stores must move to mobile ordering and takeaway only under strict pandemic rules.

The municipal government also set a restriction on religious mass gatherings and community events in walking streets, night markets, parks, outdoor sports facilities of more than 10 people.

The People’s Committee of HCMC has delegated chairmen of Thu Duc City and districts throughout the city to strengthen inspection of control and prevention works at above-mentioned businesses, impose fines and withdraw business licenses for violations of Covid-19 prevention regulations.

Businesses that are allowed to remain open must follow strict health guidelines, including factories; producing enterprises; businesses and services providing essential goods of food, drugs, water, oil and gas, electricity; educational units, banks, treasury, notary offices, law firms, post office, stock market, transport businesses, import and export enterprises, medical facilities, funeral services.

Hospitals have strictly implemented screening and classification of patients for examination and treatment.

Buses and taxis are only allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity, while passengers have to submit health declaration form and wear mask.

The city’s government has called all people to join hands with the authorities in fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic and implemented stringent travel restrictions, warned people to avoid crowded spaces and unnecessary travel in an effort to constraint the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Leaders of districts and Thu Duc City, departments, agencies, units and organizations have to plan 24/7 shift schedules, not to leave the city and to be always on duty.