HCMC obtains several great achievements adopting Project 06

After two years launching Project 06, HCMC has formed many effective digital transformation models and achieved impressive results thanks to the cooperation of the whole community.


The project ‘Developing an Application for Population Database, Digital Identification and Authentication for the National Digital Transformation from 2022-2025, with a Vision to 2030’ (Project 06) has been carried out in HCMC to improve public services and establish a digital government here.

In 2022, the People’s Committee of District 5, the Public Security Division of District 5, and Hung Vuong Hospital signed an agreement for an integrated process to serve citizens in the registration for a birth certificate, personal ID code, and health insurance card for newborn babies living in 14 wards of District 5. This model also promotes the use of level-3 online public services among the community.

Nguyen Thi Anh Dao from District 5 commented that when giving birth to her first child, she had to visit the People’s Committee of her ward to register for a birth certificate for the baby. This time she only needed to fill in necessary forms online for this procedure when waiting to deliver her new baby.

All pregnant women living in District 5 and coming to Hung Vuong Hospital to give birth to their child are consulted to finish the online birth certificate registration. This information will then be sent to corresponding wards as well as the system of the Public Security Ministry and the Social Security Office of District 5 to complete the process. It takes 3 days and 5 days for applicants to receive the birth certificate and health insurance card respectively.

The Public Security Division of Thu Duc City (HCMC) has seriously implemented Project 06 in their operations and reached fruitful results, the most successful of which are the procedures to issue-manage chip-based citizen ID cards and to input information in the National Database of Population.

It is trying to fulfill the goal of having all local citizens in the category of special demographic cases (people with no identification documents, multiracial children whose Vietnamese nationality is unknown) possess their own ID code and card to ensure their lawful rights.

Thu Duc City has filtered and cleared data of 665 cases before input it to the system to issue ID cards and level-2 electronic identification accounts. As to 784 people with their birth certificate, relevant state units in the city have discussed and addressed the problems, followed by a written request to the HCMC Department of Justice for further instruction.

The Public Security Division of Thu Duc City is not piloting the model ‘Registering residence in hospitals and accommodation establishments’, receiving over 44,000 residence notices via ASM software.

Deputy Director of the HCMC Public Security Department Tran Duc Tai shared that the cooperation among state departments and agencies, local authorities as well as the support from the community in the past two years have led to great achievements of HCMC in adopting Project 06.

The toughest challenge when doing this project would be to change the mindset and habits of city dwellers to carrying out administrative procedures online. Thus, this department has assigned more than 9,000 police officers at all levels, especially those specialized in IT, to help the community get used to these online processes.

Deputy Director Tai informed that 90 percent of the administrative documents submitted to his unit are through e-Portals. This year, the HCMC Public Security Department is trying to help each household in the city to have at least one member fluent in online document submission.

He further added that the ID Law, to be effective as of July 1, 2024, is a breakthrough in administrative reform. Several contents like issuing an identification card for children under 14 years old, issuing an identification certificate to people of Vietnamese origin whose nationality is unknown, collecting biometric data have answered digital transformation requirements.

The HCMC Public Security Department is preparing necessary technical infrastructure to collect data on iris, DNA, and voice to input into the identification card database in compliance with the Identification Law, to be effective on July 1, 2024. Although optional, city dwellers are encouraged to supplement biometric data into their ID card

Deputy Director of the HCMC Public Security Department Tran Duc Tai

The HCMC People’s Committee has just released a plan to adopt Project 06 in 2024 in the city. Accordingly, all full-step online public services will be approved by this Committee to be offered on the city’s Information System to Process Administrative Procedures. This system will be integrated with the National e-Portal for Public Services. City dwellers have their electronic identification account with e-authentication ability.

Other goals are that all results of administrative procedures are stored electronically; all residents in the city are eligible for an ID card and a corresponding e-ID account; 80 percent of city inhabitants use their ID card to replace their health insurance card when going to hospital; databases are digitized and cleaned to share with other state agencies for smoother administrative procedure handling.

The People’s Committee of HCMC asks that managers of Project 06 frequently monitor and help their subordinators have consistent awareness about the importance of this project, forming close collaboration in the whole political system to complete all set goals.

Outstanding results after two years HCMC launching Project 06:

  • Completing the connection between the HCMC’s Information System to Process Administrative Procedures and the Electronic Identification and Authentication System of the Public Security Ministry as well as 10 other information systems of different ministries;
  • Providing 1,542 online public services;
  • Receiving 7,815,000 registration forms for chip-based ID card issuance;
  • Opening over 5.73 million level-2 e-ID accounts;
  • Synchronizing, supplementing, and cleaning 12.8 million data on civil status and juridical record of HCMC with the ones in the National Population Database;
  • Verifying over 3.9 million vaccination records to update the Covid-19 Vaccination Management Platform;
  • Updating nearly 1 million data in the National Population Database via VNeID app;
  • Preparing documents to verify 2,717 special demographic cases;
  • Issuing 1,885 birth certificates and personal ID numbers;
  • Having about 51,600 cases receive social benefits via a bank account.

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