HCMC building resettlement policy for residents along canals

The Office of the HCMC People’s Committee has issued the conclusion of its Chairman Phan Van Mai after his onsite inspection to some projects in District 8.
Illustrative image

Illustrative image

Accordingly, Chairman Phan Van Mai agreed to include the project of dredging, constructing corresponding infrastructure, and improving the environment in the North of Doi Canal in District 8 into the list of projects using medium-term public investment (predicted to increase in the 2021-2025 period), greenlighted by the HCMC People’s Committee in April 2023.

This Committee also assigned related state agencies to advise on the matter of establishing a task force for a similar project in the South of Doi Canal. Efforts should be made so that the investment policy for this project can be approved in October 2023.

Finally, the HCMC People’s Committee asked that District 8 cooperate with the HCMC departments of Natural Resources & Environment and Construction as well as relevant units to develop a specific policy on resettlement for about 10,000 households now living on or along the canal in the district.

This policy must be highly feasible, practical, and effective enough to become the basis to form a set of common policies for resettlement tasks for families living on or along all canals in HCMC. The set is planned to be completed this September.

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