HCMC applies ‘3 on-site’ model for state agencies from August 23

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Home Affairs yesterday released an instruction document about the operation model for state agencies and units from August 23 to September 6. They will follow either the ‘3 on-site’ or ‘1 route – 2 terminals’ model.

State officials in District 11 are receiving necessary documents for administrative procedures from citizens.

Accordingly, state agencies and units only assign the most essential staff to work at office in order to maintain work flow. They must use either the ‘3 on-site’ or ‘1 route – 2 terminals’ model, with suitable accommodation near the office for the second one. They must observe all Covid-19 prevention and control regulations strictly.

Traveling activities of the staff in the second model must be closely monitored. The number of officials allowed to obtain the ‘Traveling Permit 1A’ is no more than 10 percent of the total current staff in each agency or unit.

The staff using a scooter bike or motorbike must wear them while those using a car must glue them at the upper left corner of the windshield when they travel on streets for ease of recognition.

The officials having already been given a travel permit of another group do not need to ask for the 1A permit.

HCMC People’s Committee has asked the HCMC Department of Industry and Trade to take care of introducing the model of recognition clothing to state agencies and units. The agencies wishing to use their own model must submit a report stating clearly the number of pieces, the precise design, and the correct color to the HCMC Public Security Department for the monitoring task in the upcoming days.

Leaders of state agencies and units are responsible for any violation of their staff regarding the above rules.

The HCMC Departments of Home Affairs, Health continue to cooperate to form examination teams to weekly check the observation of Covid-19 prevention and control regulations in state agencies and units in the city and then propose to HCMC People’s Committee proper punishments when needed.

State agencies and units temporarily stop receiving papers directly from citizens for administrative procedures at office. Instead, they must turn to offering online services for level-4 public services and return the results either online or via the post.

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