HCMC, ADB running project to control exhaust fumes in traffic

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment informs that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has sponsored the project ‘Upgrading Capacity and Actions to Improve Air Quality’ in HCMC since 2019 in order to reduce air pollution in the city.

Accordingly, the project focuses on such meaningful activities as investigating the air quality in HCMC, identifying factors affecting air quality, improving air quality management in HCMC, devising feasible solutions to reduce air pollution in the fields of traffic, industrial and agricultural manufacturing, waste treatment.

Particularly, in the traffic aspect, the project has proposed practical measures for air pollution lessening: establishing an effective, high-quality bus network; transforming 50 percent of current diesel-powered buses into electric or CNG (compressed natural gas) ones; zoning for emission control in combination with collecting environmental pollution fees; mobilizing social resources to perform emission tests for motorbikes.

The project also suggested policies regarding bike lanes in HCMC and considered opportunities for the improvement of traffic facilities to serve pedestrians.

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