HCMC accelerating rearrangement of city’s quarters, hamlets

Many areas in HCMC have lately implemented plans to reorganize their quarters and hamlets as regulated, along with collecting opinions from the public for this task.
The People’s Committee of HCMC is holding a meeting about the launch of the quarter, hamlet rearrangement mission (Photo: SGGP)

The People’s Committee of HCMC is holding a meeting about the launch of the quarter, hamlet rearrangement mission (Photo: SGGP)

The People’s Committee of HCMC has just issued a plan to check the status of quarter restructuring in the city. The inspection teams are going to work with the localities on the designation of public employees and socio-political units in the newly established quarters, hamlets after the HCMC People’s Council released its resolution.

Chairman Vo Minh Triet of the People’s Committee of Ward 6 in District 5 informed that after the rearrangement, his ward reduces from 6 to 4 quarters. The ward has already finished collecting ideas from local residents, public employees, and state agencies sited here. All show a consensus in the new organization.

Similarly, Ward 10 of District 6 now has 5 quarters with 63 sub-quarters, to be reduced to 12 quarters only. This month, the ward authorities are taking opinions from the community about this matter and preparing a report to the district People’s Committee.

Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward is one of the three wards in Thu Duc City to pilot quarter rearrangement. There will be 34 quarters instead of the current 6 quarters and 89 sub-quarters. Chairman of the Thu Duc City People’s Committee Hoang Tung shared that this restructuring reduces the quantity of public employees from 563 to 380 people. It is necessary to also reorganize the Party’s Committees for the newly formed quarters.

In 2020, District 7 regrouped the Party’s Committees of all quarters in accordance with the plan to rearrange its quarters and sub-quarters. At present, there are 137 such committees for neighborhoods, 10 for inter-neighborhoods, and 30 for apartment buildings.

Vice Chairman of District 7 People’s Committee Le Van Thanh said that each neighborhood has about 500 households, so District 7 finds no trouble in following HCMC’s direction. As the Party’s Committees of all neighborhoods operated effectively in the Covid-19 pandemic outbreaks, they have no difficulty with the restructuring of quarters. There will be 214 quarters in the district, with many neighborhoods maintaining the same in scale and population.

Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Thu Huong of District 10 People’s Committee shared that her district has completed the plan for quarter restructuring. There will be a meeting this month to report on the status of plan implementation. The People’s Committees of all 14 wards must finish their own comprehensive measure for quarter reorganization to submit to the Standing Committee of the district Party’s Committee for approval. It is expected that at the end of this year, the task will be done.

Secretary of Cu Chi District Party’s Committee Nguyen Quyet Thang informed that after the rearrangement, there will be a drop of quarter and hamlet number in the district to 305, with a decrease of 1,907 public employees. The Standing Committee of the district Party’s Committee selects reliable human resources capable medically and professionally, including 30 percent of females.

Secretary of District 12 Party’s Committee Tran Hoang Danh stressed the honor of carrying out this important political mission, saying that the procedure needs to be done in compliance with the law.

Chairwoman Tran Kim Yen of the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HCMC stated that lately, the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HCMC and its sub levels have hosted several meetings to collect opinions from experts, state organizations, and local residents on the restructuring of quarters citywide as regulated by the Central Government. During this rearrangement, there are certain changes in the sub-levels of the Vietnam Fatherland Front – HCMC. These sub-level units are taking part in this process as well as monitoring the status of the task in order to timely handle any problems arising in local areas.

Standing Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Bach Mai of the Mass Mobilization Commission of the municipal Party’s Committee shared that in the upcoming time, her Commission is going to continue updating the status of the quarter rearrangement mission in order to promptly orient public opinions and maintain social security. It will keep its key role when carrying out the mission from the beginning till the end.

She hoped that the Party’s Committees at all levels and the localities are more active in adopting suitable policies for public employees no longer on duty due to this quarter and hamlet rearrangement.

Obviously, the rearrangement of quarters citywide causes much disruption in personnel of several levels. Therefore, the whole political system, especially leaders of the Party’s Committees of all levels and the local authorities should collaborate to seek consensus among the community so that socio-political security and order are maintained.

Statistics from the Home Affairs Department of HCMC reveal that before the reorganization, in HCMC, there are:

_ 27,300 sub-ward and sub-commune models

_2,000 quarters and hamlets, with over 25,300 sub-quarters

_64,000 public employees for these structures

After the reorganization, expected to finish in the first quarter of next year, there will be:

_More than 5,200 quarters and hamlets

_Over 26,000 public employees for these structures

In each quarter or hamlet, there are 5 positions receiving allowance:


_Head of the quarter or hamlet;

_Head of the Committee for the Vietnam Fatherland Front at that level

_Head of the Women’s Union

_Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at that level

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