Foreign enterprises in dire need for high-quality human resources in Vietnam

It is essential for Vietnam to promote investment in training for high-quality human resources, especially in hi-tech industries. This is the recommendation from foreign enterprises to the Government in the recent meeting between the Prime Minister and foreign-invested businesses.

Students visit the AI Education and Training Center of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

Representative of Panasonic Vietnam Co. Ltd Marukawa stated that many companies are now facing a serious shortage of human resources, particularly engineers in the IT/AI field and designing, or those who can fluently use 3D designing software. These laborers are the key to increase the competitiveness of Panasonic and of Vietnam in general in the future. However, businesses alone cannot decrease this shortage.

He, therefore, submit a polite request to the Prime Minister for a strong and quick strategic response from the Government to train sufficient human resources for the IT/AI field, which would truly aid the expansion plan of Panasonic in Vietnam.

This proposal has received support from many other foreign-invested enterprises as well as domestic companies participating in the meeting. They are all thirsty for international-standard human resources that can compete with the region and the world. These workers can thrive positively in the labor markers of Vietnam and ASEAN.

Deputy Minister of Education and Training Hoang Minh Son shared in the meeting that his ministry has just worked with related ministries and localities regarding demands and policies on human resources training to serve the development of high technologies in the country.

This human-resources project will focus on training and re-training of laborers, with the core being curricula in prestigious universities and research centers for each field. Simultaneously, there will be adjustments in mechanisms and financial-aid policies to boost these high-quality training activities in higher education level.

Essential as it is, the project needs a detailed plan for its success, ranging from identifying demands and focuses for specific fields. It is also necessary to take advantage of existing training programs for the talented, advanced programs, and high-quality programs in leading universities like Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology to establish competitive training programs in the future.

The support of the State via the mechanism of ordering high-quality human resources training for the development of high technologies is essential as well. This training must be feasible and suitable for the economic conditions and national budget, while forming a trend in high-quality human training among all high educational institutes in the country.

More importantly, measures must be applied to attract the participation of stakeholders such as outstanding scientists, businesses, universities, sponsors for teaching and researching.

Having been applied properly, these solutions will allow Vietnam to satisfy the thirst for high-quality human resources, especially in hi-tech industries.