Embassy receives information on missing Vietnamese in Israel

The Vietnamese Embassy in Israel has received information on a male Vietnamese citizen who has been missing in the Middle Eastern country since 2016, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A photo of the missing citizen, Nguyen Hai Binh. (Photo: plo.vn)
The citizen, born in 1993, was a student of the Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City (NLU). He participated in a study and work programme in Israel organised by the Arava International Center for Agriculture Training (AICAT) from August 2, 2016. Contact with him  was lost on September 17, 2016.

Informed of the case by the NLU, the embassy considers it a priority for the citizen protection mission. During the search for the man, it has promptly worked with Israeli competent agencies as well as search and rescue units and the Vietnamese expatriate community in the country, while keeping a regular contact with AICAT.

Recently, the office of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) in Israel announced that it had found a body with identity documents, verified to belong to the Vietnamese citizen, in the desert area of Naot Hakikar in Arava. Upon the announcement, the embassy worked with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local police to coordinate the implementation of related citizen protection works.

According to the embassy, the forensic work is being completed and the Israeli side has confirmed that it will closely coordinate with Vietnam in handling the funeral matter.

The embassy will closely follow the case and work with relevant agencies and AICAT to soon draw an official conclusion; coordinate with domestic authorities to arrange the funeral according to wishes of the family; and take necessary measures to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the Vietnamese citizen.

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