Election process must ensure safety against Covid-19: HCMC Party Chief

Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen yesterday visited the two districts of Tan Phu and Tan Binh to check the preparation tasks for the upcoming national election, the prevention methods against Covid-19 in the two areas, and the implementation of the 11th HCMC Party Congress Resolution as well as the resolutions issued in the local Party Congress of each district.

HCMC Party Chief Nguyen Van Nen stressed that the localities must be more active in pursuing the dual target amid this Covid-19 crisis so that all residents are safe from the disease, the local economy can recover properly, the public security can be maintained, and the vulnerable are fully cared.

Secretary Nen also insisted that since the newest outbreak is still complicated, both the authorities and the community must work together closely to observe the 5K rule.

As each district has its own weak spot like industrial parks accommodating a large number of workers from different provinces, he requested that leaders of these organizations must always be ready with appropriate and flexible solutions to fight against any possible disease outbreak.

Regarding the preparation tasks for the upcoming national election, the Party Chief first highly appreciated all the effort of the state officials. He then reminded that leaders of each district must be aware of the status of all voters in their area and update it timely. The public security and medical safety must be the highest priority throughout the election time.

As to the implementation of the resolutions of the local Party Congresses, Secretary Nen praised all districts for their determination to introduce several programs, plans, and projects to carry out missions of those resolutions and expected to gain positive results right in the first year.

One of the critical jobs according to the Party Chief is the human resources building task for the local Party Committees. Now that there is no longer a People’s Council in each ward or district, the monitoring task should be adjusted accordingly to ensure members of every local Party Committee fulfill their daily duties to the best.

He also mentioned the weaknesses of each district, hoping the localities to find feasible solutions to address them. Tan Phu District, for instance, has a huge population; therefore, citizen management and social problem tackling must be the main focus. Fire prevention and drug-related issues must be taken cared of as well.

In the meetings, leaders of the two districts voiced their proposals to the municipal management: an expansion of Tan Ky – Tan Quy Street, Truong Chinh Street, Thoai Ngoc Hau – Au Co Intersection, Luy Ban Bich – Au Co Intersection, Bon Xa Intersection.

The Party Chief welcomed all and promised either to assign related units to cooperate with the localities to process each proposal in their power or to report to the Standing Committee of the HCMC Party Committee for further instruction.

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