Education Department holds second Japanese festival for learners

With the aim to improve the quality of Japanese teaching and learning in schools, the Department of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City will organize a festival for junior and senior high schoolers in Marie Curie Senior High School in district 3.

The event, the second of its kind, is expected to be a playground for students who learn Japanese to brush up on the foreign language.

It will include eloquence contest and poster deign competition. For eloquence contest, students will compete each other in two rounds. Senior high schoolers have to write a 400-600 word story while junior students will write 300-400 word story with the themed "Presenting your knowledge of nutrition for students at present”

Writers of ten excellent stories will be selected to answer jury’s questions before entering the final round.

For poster design competition, students will be divided into groups of four members each. Competitors will design poster on paper with the size of A3 or A4 with the same theme. Ten good entries will enter the further round. Winning teams will talk about meaning of their poster.