Drawing competition launched to raise awareness of environment

A drawing competition named “ For future environment” has been launched by the Vietnam Moi truong va Do thi (Environment and Urban) magazine and the Peace Committee in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
Vietnamese children aged from 6 to 15 ( from first to ninth grade) and foreign children in Vietnam are entitled to take part in the competition.
Entries should be sent to the magazine’s address at 91 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street in Dong Da District , Hanoi no later than November 30, 2019.
The award-giving ceremony is scheduled in January, 2020.
The competition aims to help children develop a sense of respect and care for the natural environment and enable students to express their thoughts and ideas of the environment they live in.
Moreover, the competition organizer wants to raise awareness of schoolers about the importance of the natural environment and ways of preserving it and help students realize that each individual has a social responsibility to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.

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