District 7 mobilizes residents to donate land for alley expansion

The Party’s Committee, People’s Committee, People’s Council, and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday co-held an event to mobilize residents in the district to donate land for alley renovation projects. This is supposed to help build a more sustainable urban area in District 7, where people are more civil, helpful, and friendly to one another.

Leaders of District 7 are visiting residents who donate land for alley expansion. (Photo: SGGP)
Leaders of District 7 are visiting residents who donate land for alley expansion. (Photo: SGGP)

In observance of Resolution No.01/NQ-QU, the Party’s Committee of District 7 is trying to fulfill the goal of upgrading at least 50 alleys via land donation of residents in the neighborhoods. In 2021, the district prioritizes 10 alleys to expand its width from 3m to at least 4m.

Following the model of ‘cooperation between the State and citizens’, this infrastructure improvement is expected to boost traffic flow, sanitation, and living standards in general.

Accordingly, any main alleys with a width of less than 2m will have an expansion to at least 4m via residents’ land donation and finance from the State budget. This includes the expense on land clearance compensation for households who live at each end of the alleys, whose house are cut through, whose leftover land is under 15m2, and who are poor.

Main alleys with a width of over 2m to be increased to 4m, residents are also mobilized to donate land, and financial resources come from both the community to support poor affected families and the State for major construction work.

Renovation projects for sub-alleys will be totally the responsibility of residents in the neighborhood.

The People’s Committee of District 7 requested that its divisions publicize on the alley’s bulletin board all information related to these construction projects, including investment scale, investment items, project expense, designs, and implementation plans.

In addition, specialized divisions in the district, related agencies, and the People’s Committee of concerned wards offer timely and proper support for residents in the registration for construction permits to repair their house, for adjustment in land and house possession certificates.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung, representative for residents living in Alley No.41, shared that this alley has a width of 2.5-3m and a length of 300m. She and her neighbors wholeheartedly respond to the call of the local authorities and willingly donate land for a better neighborhood.

She expressed her satisfaction with what the district’s leaders have done to aid affected residents in land-related procedures and house reconstruction.

Vice Secretary of HCMC Party’s Committee Nguyen Ho Hai stated at the event that since the district consists half of the newly built, state-invested urban area and half of existing quite outdated area, there is a clear unbalance in the living standards of residents in the district.

Highly appreciating the land donation of residents here, Mr. Hai confidently said that this upgrade will lessen the gap between the new and old areas in the district, allowing citizens to enjoy a better life in modern neighborhoods.

He concluded with a request that state agencies must do their best to improve the living standards in the community.

At present, District 7 has around 1980 alleys, one-tenth of which has a width of less than 3m and needs expansion for ease of traffic and urban management.

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