City dwellers expect food tour for HCMC

Recently, the ‘Food tour Hai Phong’ has become a keyword searched by many young people, especially those living and working in the Northern City of Hai Phong. Therefore, young people in Ho Chi Minh City are awaiting a similar food tour in HCMC.
City dwellers expect food tour for HCMC ảnh 1 Illustrative photo

The ‘Food tour Hai Phong’ is a culinary map made by the Hai Phong Department of Tourism, to introduce people and holiday-makers who travel to Hai Phong City to eat at reputable and quality restaurants. This map introduces almost all delicious restaurants, and attractive dishes for visitors, suitable for each individual's tastes. Besides, the map also guides visitors on how to move to restaurants and eateries that can be checked in.

Many people think that this map is really useful, sharing many places and experiences to help them have an interesting sightseeing tour.

After viewing information about the ‘Food tour Hai Phong’ map, 31-year-old Nguyen Minh Trung living in Ward 17 in HCMC’s Binh Thanh District said that although he has never set foot in Hai Phong City- the city of Red Phoenix Flower for the enjoyment of the city specialties in the map, he praised the utility and practicality of this map. Trung also expressed his expectation that the culinary quintessence of HCMC where he is living will also be synthesized and introduced in a similar and interesting project.

From his point of view, Ho Chi Minh City's cuisine is the intersection of many regional cultural streams at home and abroad. Furthermore, it is not simply a matter of eating and processing dishes, but also a habit, culture, and spirit of the people of the city.

The development and bustle of the southern largest city has attracted many people from all over the corners of the country, bringing with them special recipes of local dishes where they were born. They themselves have created unique cuisine from traditional dishes. Obviously, when holiday-makers decide to go to a place, they certainly study the food and drink which is also one of the factors that influence their decision. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City urgently needs to promote food promotion, especially on social networks about dishes.

Currently, social networks have a lot of information about Ho Chi Minh City's cuisine, many young people also have channels, and review categories of restaurants, and good places. However, there is even much contradictory information. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete, accurate, and comprehensive culinary database system of the southern metropolis like the ‘Food tour Hai Phong’.

The map will create convenience for visitors to easily look up and search for dishes and culinary brands. Young people can also do good for the city where they live by joining hands to promote food, if possible, instead of following useless social media trends. They simply share experiences is really useful for a campaign to promote food, quality destinations, and highly experiential tourism products.