BOT toll stations nationwide witnessing revenue reduction

The Directorate for Road of Vietnam (DRVN) has just announced that the income from BOT toll stations in 2021 only reached VND11,000 billion (US$482 million), a considerable decreased compared to the previous years.

A BOT toll station on National Highway No.18 receives very few vehicles

Accordingly, the 54 BOT projects managed by the Transport Ministry last year earned the respective quarterly revenues of over VND3,300 billion ($144.7 million), VND3,140 billion ($137.7 million), VND1,700 billion ($74.5 million), and VND3,000 billion ($131.6 million).

The yearly income of $482 million was a significant drop compared to 2020 (at VND12,500 billion - $548.1 million) and 2019 (at VND13,500 billion - $592 million).

The main reason lies in the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to a great reduction of vehicles using the roads, especially during the social distance time.

In addition, BOT project businesses had to reduce toll for certain subjects as regulated by the current law. For example, DRVN has lately requested BOT project enterprises to decrease the VAT tax to 8 percent in accordance with Decree No.15/2022/ND-CP, issued by the Government on January 28, 2022.

As to ensuring the transparency and publicity of these toll collection activities to avoid money loss, DRVN has implemented various measures like tightening supervision of toll collection, paying unexpected as well as periodical visits to check these activities, increasing examination of investors’ account books. Corresponding punishments will be imposed once a violation is detected.

DRVN has also applied more technologies (integrated software to summarize data from various toll towers) to monitor toll collection activities by investors.

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