Book on Cuba-Vietnam relationship introduced

The National Political Publishing House held a ceremony in Hanoi on October 3 to introduce the book entitled "Cuba - Vietnam: Two Nations, One History”.
Books are introduced at the event (Photo:

Books are introduced at the event (Photo:

The event was part of activities to mark the 60th founding anniversary of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam and the 50th anniversary of leader Fidel Castro’s visit to Vietnam and the southern liberated zone.

The Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations and Commission for Information and Education, and the National Political Publishing House translated and published the book from its original Spanish version.

Speaking at the event, Director and Editor-in-Chief of the publishing house Asso. Prof Vu Trong Lam said the book by Dr. Ruvislei González Saez, Vice President of the Cuba-Vietnam Friendship Association and Director of the International Relations Programme in Cuba, documents the important milestones in the enduring and steadfast relationship between Vietnam and Cuba over the past more than six decades since the establishment of their diplomatic ties in 1960.

According to Lam, the book is a chronicle of events, systematically documenting significant events in the bilateral relationship. It covers a wide range of events, from high-level visits, and exchanges to bilateral cooperation in various fields. The book is complemented by a rich collection of photos that vividly depict the enduring fraternal friendship between the two nations though they are geographically distant.

The translation, publication, and release of this book could be seen as a spiritual gift dedicated to the fraternal Cuban people and generations of the Vietnamese and Cuban people who have made significant contributions to building, preserving, and fostering this special solidarity and friendship, he said.

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