Binh Phuoc forest rangers build water reservoirs to protect gaur herds

The leader of the Forest Protection Department of Dong Phu District in Binh Phuoc Province, on March 28, informed that the department had been promoting propaganda and encouraging people not to go into the forest to hunt animals and trap gaurs.

At the same time, it has carried out measures to protect the gaur herds, such as sprinkling salt at some places where the gaur herds often pass by to increase the mineral content, contributing to improving the resistance of the gaur herd, and building small water reservoirs in the forest to create the source of drinking water for gaurs.

Currently, there are two herds of gaurs of about 20-25 individuals living in natural forests in Tan Hoa and Tan Loi communes, managed by the Forest Protection Department of Dong Phu District. This is a rare bovine species in the Red Book that needs to be strictly preserved.

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