8th Vietnam Book Day to be held in-person and online in April

The 8th Vietnam Book Day is scheduled to open on April 18 in HCMC Book Street while the online event will take place at the e-commerce trading floor at Book365.vn on April 17.
HCMC Book Street (Photo: KK)
HCMC Book Street (Photo: KK)
The book show will include exchanges between writers and readers; the introduction of books; seminars and discussions on the reading culture, the digital transformation in the publishing industry and the way of approaching book in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
According to the Department of Publishing, Printing, and Issuing, despite of the complicated situation of Covid-19 pandemic, the publishing industry has kept its operational activities and the development of reading culture. In 2020, the sector released more than 33,000 titles with 410 millions of copies and earned an estimated revenue of VND2,700 billion (US$116 million) representing 97 percent compared with last year.
In 2020, the 7th Vietnam Book Day was firstly held online due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The month long book show took place at the e-commerce trading floor at Book365.vn featuring online booths of book distributors and publishing houses.
The Vietnam Book Day was approved in 2014 and it is scheduled to occur every year on April 21. The event is to encourage and promote reading habit in the community and raise awareness of using books as a tool for critical thinking. It also celebrates appreciation for readers, writers, publishers, distributors, and other affiliates of the publishing industry.

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