12 toll stations cannot implement electronic toll collection as scheduled

Four toll stations on the expressway sytems managed by Vietnam Expressway Corporation (VEC) and eight others toll stations will not be able to deploy electronic toll collection system (ETC) from December 31 as scheduled.
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)

According to the Ministry of Transport, 40 out of 44 toll stations on National Highway No.1, Ho Chi Minh Road through the Central Highlands region and others in national highways and expressways have successfully implemented automatic payment for tolls. 

The remaining four stations in the first phase managed by VEC have not been deployed the system yet and failed to meet plan in 2020 due to difficulites in capital source, project restructuring and administration of VEC after the company was transferred to the Committee for State Capital Management at Enterprises.

For the second phase, the Ministry of Transport has selected Vietnam Digital Transport Joint Stock Company under the Army Telecommunication Industry Corporation (Viettel) as the second service provider to simultaneously deploy ETC in the remaining 33  toll stations nationwide. The Ministry of Transport informed that difficulties of the second phase’s projects have basically been solved.