Young scientist of National University in HCMC wins Golden Globe Award 2020

A young scientist of the Center for Innovative Materials & Architectures under the Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City has just won the Golden Globe Award 2020 in the field of new material technology.

Dr. Doan Le Hoang Tan, 33, Deputy Head of the Center for Innovative Materials & Architectures is one of ten young scientists was given the honorable award this year.
Dr. Tan has published 26 articles on international science journals and three reports in the document of the international science conference. He is a leader of a scientist group of four projects at the school and one ministry-level project. He is also is a co-author of Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016.
The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in coordination with the Ministry of Science and Technology, launched the Golden Globe Award in the fields of science and technology including IT and media, pharmaceutical-medical technologies, biology technology, environment technology and new material technology. This is an honorable award for those under 35.

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