Vietnam to promote distance learning for building learning society

Vietnamese Prime Minister has requested to promote on-the-job training and guided self-study to help workers, especially those in rural areas, people with disabilities, housewives, elderly people easily access to vocational education for building learning society and their employability skill improvement.

The Prime Minister has just issued a Directive 14/CT-TTg on promoting on-the-job training - a form of training provided at the workplace, distance learning, and guided self-study with the aim to build a learning society in the 2021-2030 period.

Vietnam to promote distance learning for building learning society ảnh 1 Vietnam  promotes distance learning for building learning society amid the coronavirus pandemic 
He assigned the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to diversify training methods based on open, diverse, and flexible educational practices associating with the national qualification framework and the labor market to meet the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution.

In order to continue improving the quality and effectiveness of study and talent promotion and building a learning society, the Ministry of Education and Training was instructed to promote and effectively implement digital transformation in educational institutions with the focus on enhancing the quality of distance learning programs, building open and mass online courses in universities and colleges. The Ministry should diversify training content and increase the use of advanced technologies to support learning, especially enhancing the use of social media in continuing education schools.

Last but not least, the Ministry should study and apply educational management models with an orientation towards adoption of new technologies, open management in schools besides using shared technology infrastructure and database. Administrators and teachers should be encouraged to participate in activities to promote talents and to create a learning society.

The Prime Minister also asked to promote the connection between formal education and continuing education, and between literature education and job training. Especially, the education sector needs to increase the application of information technology, new technologies, and appropriate solutions in teaching and learning activities to actively adapt to the epidemic development.