Vietnam reports over 200 fires claiming 11 lives in February

There were 205 fires and 15 forest fires causing 11 deaths, 14 injured people, damaging over VND25 billion (nearly US$1.1 million) and over 11 hectares of forest in the whole country in February.
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)
(Illustrative photo:SGGP)

According to the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue under the Ministry of Public Security, the number of deaths and injured people in February still increased over January despite decline in the number of fires. 

Compared with January, the number of fires in the whole country decreased to 38 cases; however, the number of deaths surged nine people, an increase of 81.8 percent and the number of injured people augmented to six ones, raising 42.9 percent. The total damage in term of properties decreased VND88.69 billion (US$3,8 million).

In comparison with the same period last year, the number of fire cases decreases 28.07 percent or 80 ones. Meanwhile, the number of deaths surged 78.6 percent, equivalent to three people. The number of injured people reduced 33.3 percent or seven ones. Total properties damage went down 16.3 percent or VND4.98 billion (US$215,000).

Last month, there were five explosions in the country, leading two deaths and four injured people. 

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