Vietnam and Mongolia nurture bilateral relationship

Ho Chi Minh City Party Chief Nguyen Van Nen highly appreciated the efforts of the staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia over the past years, especially in promoting the image of  Vietnam and fostering the bilateral good relationship.

Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen and a Vietnamese little boy in Mongolia

Within the framework of the working visit to Mongolia, on the afternoon of July 4, the HCMC delegation led by Secretary of the HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen paid a visit to and worked with the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia. In addition, Secretary Nen also met with the Vietnamese community and the Vietnamese business association in Mongolia.

At the visit, Secretary Nguyen Van Nen took the time to talk with the staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia, the Vietnamese expatriates who are living, working and studying in Mongolia encouraging them to work well. He also visited the Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space in the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia.

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Secretary Nen visits the Ho Chi Minh Cultural Space in the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Mongolia Nguyen Tuan Thanh expressed his pleasure in welcoming the HCMC delegation to visit and work in Mongolia.

Ambassador Nguyen Tuan Thanh talked about the socio-economic condition, potential and strengths of Mongolia. The Ambassador emphasized that Mongolia attaches importance to its relations with Vietnam, considering Vietnam not only an important partner in the Asia-Pacific region but also the most important partner in Southeast Asia. Mongolia appreciates Vietnam's increasingly high international position and prestige, and its active contributions to regional and international issues.

At the same time, Mongolia believes that Vietnam's support is of significant importance in issues related to Mongolia or of concern to Mongolia, and is a bridge for Mongolia to participate in high-level forums in Southeast Asia, expand relations with ASEAN countries, develop cooperation relations with the United Nations, APEC.

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Mr. Nen meets Vietnamese people in Mongolia

Chairman of the Vietnam Business Association in Mongolia Nguyen Huy Tuan revealed that the Vietnamese community in Mongolia has 800 Vietnamese people who are primarily working in fields such as car repair and restaurants. The Vietnamese community in Mongolia has actively engaged in economic and trade exchanges between the two countries. Additionally, they participate in charitable activities, contributing to strengthening the friendly relations between Vietnam and Mongolia.

Mr. Tuan expressed his joy upon hearing news about the country, especially Ho Chi Minh City, which is implementing various special policies and mechanisms to attract and develop resources for overseas Vietnamese to contribute to the city’s growth. He emphasized that the Vietnamese community in Mongolia is deeply interested in their homeland and desires to contribute to its prosperity actively. Furthermore, they aim to collaborate more closely with domestic businesses to promote economic exchanges.

Vice Chairman Vo Van Hoan of the municipal People’s Committee emphasized the significant potential in Mongolia for tourism, trade, and agriculture. Ho Chi Minh City houses several large enterprises in tourism and processed food, including packaged products like instant noodles—items that Mongolia requires for its winter season. Vice Chairman Hoan suggested that the Vietnamese business community in Mongolia explore connections with enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City to foster development in these sectors.

The Deputy Chairman affirmed that after the working trip, the City People's Committee will establish a delegation of businesses specializing in the buying and selling of food and foodstuffs to exchange and establish ties with Vietnamese businesses in Mongolia, and to seek bridges to expand production and business activities.

Regarding people-to-people exchange, Deputy Chairman Vo Van Hoan said that HCMC has a comprehensive cultural and artistic song and dance program that can be applied in all countries. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, the HCMC People's Committee will study the establishment of a delegation to go to Mongolia to serve overseas Vietnamese and connect to promote the image of the city.

Secretary Nguyen Van Nen acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts of the embassy staff over the past years, especially in promoting the image of the land and people of Vietnam and fostering the traditional good relationship between the two countries.

According to him, cooperation between Vietnam and Mongolia has been comprehensively strengthened and has seen positive changes; many high-level visits have been organized, and many cooperation documents in various fields have been signed, with great contributions from the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia. There have also been very positive contributions from the Vietnamese community in Mongolia who are always looking towards their homeland.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nen expressed his deep gratitude to individuals who have contributed to the increasingly good relationship of friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Mongolia. He expressed his confidence that on the basis of mutual trust and understanding, the relationship will develop even more strongly in the future.

Recently, the Politburo, the National Assembly, and the Government have issued resolutions which aims to create conditions for the city to apply many special and superior mechanisms and policies to promote its potential and advantages, mobilizing all resources for rapid and sustainable development. To achieve this goal, one of the resources that HCMC is striving for is the synchronous and effective implementation of foreign policy with a focus on promoting economic and cultural diplomacy and expanding the space for international cooperation.

He proposed that the Embassy and the Vietnamese Business Association in Mongolia should be more active in acting as a bridge to promote economic, tourism, trade and investment exchanges between Vietnam and Mongolia to a new level. He also suggested that the Vietnamese community in Mongolia should actively and effectively participate in charitable activities, contributing to further deepening the friendship between Vietnam and Mongolia.

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