University admission scores predicted high this year

University admission scores are predicted to be high for students using results of graduation exams to register into schools especially majors such as natural sciences and economics.
University admission scores predicted high this year ảnh 1 University admission scores are predicted to be high this year
The first round of the high school graduation exam in 2021 was successfully held across the country.
According to many admissions experts, before deciding to require a review of their tests, candidates should compare their test results with the answers announced by the Ministry of Education and Training. If their scores are higher than the results by 2-3 points, they can apply for a re-examination.
In addition, candidates should only submit a review of the exam if the results of the high school graduation exam do not fit with the university of their choice. On the contrary, if the test scores meet the requirements for admission, you should close the application immediately so as not to miss the opportunity.
Leaders of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training said that for the re-evaluation of the essay exam, each test will be re-examined by two officers. In the process of conducting the work related to the review, two members of the committee of the essay exam will discuss test paper under the supervision of the inspector. After marking the re-examination, if the results of the two scorers are the same, that result will be used as the review score.
In case two reviewers have different results, the test paper will be held by the head of the essay review committee for the third reviewer to mark the test directly on the candidate's work in different color ink. If the marking results of two of the three officers are the same, the same score will be used as the final score.
In case the test results of all three reviewers are different, the head of the review committee of the essay exam will take the average scores of three times to round to 2 decimal places as the review score and then confirmation sign. Test results will be adjusted if later re-examination results are 0.25 points higher than the previous ones.
Particularly for multiple-choice subjects, the test is compared each answer the candidate has painted on the multiple-choice answer sheet with the scanned image stored on the computer. If there is a deviation, the cause must be clearly identified and the scores must be re-printed two times before and after error correction for recording. The remaining steps are similar to marking the first test.
This year, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, after having the results of the first round of exams, candidates are eligible for submitting a re-examination application from July 26 to August 5. The examination board will consider and announce the results of the re-examination on August 20 at the latest. At the same time, on August 5, universities will announce the scores for admission applications on the Ministry’s admissions portal and on the school's website.
From August 7-8 to August 17, candidates can adjust their online application for admission into the schools of their choice three times. Candidates receiving their results after re-examination of their test papers can adjust admission. It is expected that on August 23, universities will announce the admission scores for the first round, and successful candidates can fill in their online admission registration on September 1. Admission scores are predicted to be high for students using graduation exam results to register into natural sciences and economics universities
Presently, universities such as Nong Lam University, University of Information Technology, University of Industry, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU Ho Chi Minh City) have announced the admission criteria for high school transcripts and review the results of the competency assessment exam in 2021.
Therefore, the race into top universities is forecasted to be more intense because schools have spent a large number of admission quotas on reviewing academic performance records in high schools and competency assessment exams.

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