Traffic police strengthen patrols to ensure road order, safety ahead of Tet

To ensure traffic order and safety, prevent traffic congestion and accidents during the Tet holiday, the Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Police will strengthen patrols to control and handle personal 3 and 4 wheel vehicles traveling on the roads.
The Ho Chi Minh City Road and Railway Traffic Police Department (PC08) under the Municipal Public Security Department will focus on drivers of passenger transport means, cars and personal 3 and 4- wheel vehicles carrying cargo.

The traffic police forces will concentrate on detecting, strictly handling those without driver license, vehicle registration certificate; vehicles without silencers and suppressors of smoke, horns and braking system; vehicles having silencers and suppressors of smoke, horns and braking system but they don't work; cases violating the regulations on number plates; and those installing more lights, brackets on the vehicles. 

Those transporting explosives, dangerous and counterfeit goods, the drivers will be revoked driver's license or their vehicles will be seized.

At the same time, the PC08 coordinates with the Police Department for Corruption, Smuggling and Economic Crimes to handle them in accordance with the law.

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