Thousands of individuals participate in unauthorized advertisement removal

During the National Reunification Day holiday, thousands of residents and artists joined efforts to remove  unauthorized advertisements and flyers across districts and Thu Duc City in Ho Chi Minh City.

People in District 7 remove unauthorized advertisements and flyers.

On April 28, the Tan Phu Ward Police (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City), along with youth union members and local residents, organized the removal of unauthorized advertisements and flyers to enhance the urban landscape along Huynh Tan Phat Street.

Actor Thanh Dat and singer Hai Bang participate in removing unauthorized advertising in District 7.

A total of over 650 non-compliant advertising materials and flyers were removed and cleared by the involved units along this street.


On the morning of the same day, over 400 law enforcement personnel and residents in District 11 actively engaged in removing unauthorized advertisements from public spaces. As a result, they successfully took down more than 1,500 advertisements and collected over 20 suspicious phone numbers for reporting to the authorities for further action in accordance with regulations.


In District 12, over 320 residents and various law enforcement agencies participated in removing more than 2,400 unauthorized advertisements and leaflets. Additionally, they encouraged over 170 households and businesses to continue actively removing non-compliant advertisements in and around the commercial and residential areas.

Currently, unauthorized advertisements and leaflets have been completely removed from major roads like Nguyen Anh Thu, Le Van Khuong, Phan Van Hon, Song Hanh, and National Highway 22.

Authorities and people in District 12 remove illegal advertisements and flyers, beautifying the urban landscape in the area.

Earlier, on April 27, thousands of residents and local authorities from districts and Thu Duc City organized the removal of unauthorized advertisements and leaflets, enhancing the urban landscape throughout the area.

Ho Chi Minh City Police Department stated that this is a meaningful activity aimed at enhancing the sense of responsibility of citizens and creating positive changes in the voluntary maintenance of security, order, and urban aesthetics in the area.

The district-level Steering Committee 138 has recently coordinated almost 200 district-level campaigns and nearly 8,000 commune-level campaigns, drawing in over 159,703 participants. These efforts resulted in the removal of more than 2.1 million unauthorized advertising leaflets. In addition, the Ho Chi Minh City Police identified and documented over 3,000 phone numbers associated with financial lending activities. They also slapped administrative penalties against 55 individuals for lending activity and 247 others for illegal advertising.

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