State job cut policy does not work: NA session

Despite  efforts on cutting public service jobs, the number of state  workers has increased instead of reducing for the last two years, said National Assembly (NA) deputy chairman Uong Chu Luu on Saturday.
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo

He was spkeaking at the NA supervisory delegation’s second plenary session hosted to listen to the Government’s reports about the implementation of administrative reform policies in the phase of 2011-2016. Mr. Luu is head of the delegation.

After working with 15 ministries, central agencies and directly supervising 15 provinces and cities, the supervisory delegation found that state staff cutback policy implementation has been limited.

The number of state workers has not reduced, said  Mr. Luu citing statistics.

Specifically, the number of state employees was 3,563,903 on December 31 last  year, increasing to 3,574,303 on February 1 this year. Wage fund for employees of the state sector  in 2015 was VND405 trillion which surged by 1.3 percent to VND410 billion in 2016.

Mr. Luu said that the Government's Decree 108 on staff setback conditions is irrational as it has mainly cut those at retirement age and not worked to ineffective and undisciplined workers.

He questioned if it is necessary for government agencies to directly attend all fields or they should transfer some to private sectors for higher self-control and self-responsibility.

According to reports, the Government’s apparatus was kept stable with 18 ministries, four ministry level agencies and eight government organs as per instructions by the Politburo.

Still Professor Tran Ngoc Duong, member of the supervisory delegation, said that reported an addition of 92 organizations established by the Government and the Prime Minister; 123 organizations established by ministers.  

Mr. Duong said that these interagency organization establishment show the principle that an affair is assigned to many agencies instead of a single one to implement and take reponsibility. He suggested careful estimation of this matter.

The government report says that professional agencies in localities have been arranged and reorganized suitably to ensure consistency, thoroughness and streamlining to meet requirements from administrative reform.

About staff cutback, Minister of Internal Affairs Le Vinh Tan said that in 2015 and 2016, ministries, agencies and localities proposed to examine and verify 17,600 people subject to staff cutback.  The verified number reached 5,000 people on March 15 this year.

At present, 11 provinces and cities including Hanoi, HCMC, Da Nang, Hai Duong, Thanh Hoa, Binh Thuan, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai and Long An use 7,951 workers beyond the workforce approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On November 11, 2016, ministries, agencies and localities signed labor contracts with 19,900 people in accordance with Government’s Decree 68.

Communal cadres, officials and non-specialized workers in communes and hamlets totaled over 1.19 million last December. Their wage fund is VND32.4 trillion a year.

The number of deputies has exceeded regulations in some agencies. Internal apparatus organization of some ministries and organs have been bulky with many intermediate levels.

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