Several universities announce passing scores of competence assessment exam

Many universities yesterday posted the passing scores of the competence assessment exam, held by Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC), for their training programs

The first to announce the passing scores of the competence assessment exam for its majors is the University of Information Technology – VNU-HCMC. Depending on the majors, the passing scores range from 800 – 940 points. The gaps between the two groups and two areas next to each other are 40 points and 10 points, respectively. The major with the highest passing score is AI (10 points lower than the one of last year), but many other majors issue a higher passing score than those of last year.

International University – VNU-HCMC also announced the passing scores for the two admission methods of academic result screening and competence assessment result screening. The English language major has the highest passing score in the former method, at 27.75 points; while in the latter method, the highest passing score is 870 points for the Logistics and Supply chain management major.

HCMC University of Technology – VNU-HCMC revealed the passing scores for the methods of direct admission with priority and academic result screening according to regulations of VNU-HCMC. The passing scores for both methods range from 69.5 points to 86.6 points.

Those meeting the above requirements need to re-register on the common admission system e-portal of the Education and Training Ministry with specific university selection order; otherwise, their result will not be valid. The formal admission results will be announced after the screening of untrue selections nationwide, scheduled by this ministry.

Successful candidates will then enroll into corresponding universities at the above e-portal as well as directly at the universities.