Schools in HCMC coping with extremely hot weather

The HCMC Department of Education and Training yesterday directed all schools in the city to adjust their learning timetable and activities to ensure students’ health during this hot weather.

Arranging indoor playground areas to ensure students’ health

Accordingly, when necessary, schools can alter the time of their learning sessions and the number of activities during physical education and national defense education lessons as well as outdoor and extra-curriculum activities.

Such activities as queuing for attendance checking or lining up to go to class should be limited during hot weather to ensure the health of students.

Lately, HCMC has been experiencing extremely hot weather with a temperature of 36-40 degree Celsius. This state is forecast to last for several months.

Aware of that, many schools in the city have actively let students learn PE lessons under the shade of trees and move outdoor activities to lobbies for safety reasons.

Some even install additional curtains in each classroom and outdoor canopies around benches to help students learning there feel more comfortable.

Pupils in the kindergarten and primary levels can now enjoy meals with more soup, fruit juice, and herbal drinks to boost their immune systems.

The timeframe of this academic year in HCMC regulates that students will end their school year from May 26-31. This means the summer vacation begins on May 26 at the soonest.

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