Schools ensure to complete curriculum after reopening

To help students both brush up and consolidate knowledge, teachers have adopted different teaching methodologies to ensure completion of curriculum when schools reopened and teaching activities were normal.
Schools ensure to complete curriculum after reopening

Principal of Le Ngoc Han Primary School in District 1 Bui Duy Phuong yesterday said that most students returned to school with eagerness after prolonged coronavirus closure.

The school guided students how to wear face masks and wash hand sanitizer correctly and the disease prevention by including preventive measures into games and stories. Teachers will help students to brush up old knowledge and offer extra-classes for students with bad academic performance. The school still provides online teaching to improve students’ studying.

Similarly, manager of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Primary School in District Go Vap Nguyen Kim Phuong said that teachers will test learning result of distance learning in two weeks before continue teaching new knowledge. Teacher Vo Thanh Son who is in charge of 5/5 class said that students will be re-trained studying habit and activities. Especially, instead of gathering in groups in schoolyard, students will sit in library to read books , play games and other exercises to refresh after class.

Sharing about teaching and learning activities after school reopening, former principal of District 5-based Hong Bang Junior High School Tran Duc Khanh, a parent of a ninth grader, said that teaching and learning activities have been resumed con tenderly. In addition to helping students brush up knowledge, teachers also instructed learners self-studying.

Principal of Gia Dinh Senior High School Nguyen Bao Quoc said most twelfth graders have taken part in distance learning during the coronavirus closure.

Apart from this, curriculum for tenth and eleventh graders were cut, teachers feel easy in covering the curriculum.

When it comes to vocational training consultation, schools will not organize talks on vocational training en mass but concentrate on several suitable jobs.

Deputy Director of the city Department of Education and Training Le Hoai Nam said that principals are allowed to organize teaching and learning activities such as two classes in the morning and after a day or on Saturdays or combined offline and online learning.

Additionally, schools are allowed to open canteen but they must ensure safety hygiene by regularly cleaning surfaces and clearing gatherings.