School managers make efforts to offer Tet bonus to teachers

School managers in Ho Chi Minh City have been planning to give Tet bonus to teachers as the special holiday ( the Lunar New Year) is approaching.
School managers make efforts to offer Tet bonus to teachers (Photo: SGGP)
School managers make efforts to offer Tet bonus to teachers (Photo: SGGP)

School leaders are calculating revenues and expenses over the academic to prepare the budget for Tet bonus to teachers, said Principal of Bui Thi Xuan High School in District 1 Vu Thi Ngoc Dung. Each teacher and employee will have different Tet bonus based on their seniority, positions, top performing and mission. The school tries to maintain Tet bonus like last year averagely around VND 10 million-VND12 million per person.

Similarly, a manager of Dao Duy Anh High School in District 6 said the coronavirus pandemic have had the significant impact on the school’s collection; yet , the amount of any Tet bonus for each teaching staff will be dependent on their seniority and performance ranging from VND2 million – VND8 million which is the same as last year’s.

As schools are not business facilities, the bonus is not equivalent to nearly one-month salary; therefore, the amount of any Tet bonus is different from schools to schools. However, all schools tried to give the highest bonus which is generally paid two weeks before Tet so that employees could be proactive with their spending and shopping.

Head of a high school in outlying district Can Gio said that in addition to Tet bonus, the school will maintain activities such as wrapping tet cake - a Vietnamese traditional cake made primarily from glutinous rice, which is rolled in a banana leaf into a thick, log-like cylindrical shape, with a mung bean or mung bean and pork filling, then boiled – to five poor teaching staff as well as give free bus tickets to teachers who return to their homeland to reunite with their relatives.

Deputy Principal of a school in Go Vap District said that the school managers give pieces of cloths to female teachers, coupons, and lucky money to teachers’ children. Without Tet bonus, employees can infer that the company has poor business or does not care for their life, especially on important occasions like Tet.

This year, the education sector’s Labor Union will give top priority to teachers who suffer untreatable sickness, labor accidents, teachers from low-income families, pregnant teachers or those who are feeding children under 12 months. Female teachers whose husbands are soldiers in distant islands or those whose husbands/ wives are out-of-work also receive the union’s care.

Moreover, the union will take care of teachers whose houses are located in natural disaster-hit areas. Each above-mentioned teacher will receive at least VND500,000 Tet bonus.

Last but not least, the education sector will give Tet bonus including VND1 million cash and gift worth VND500,000 to clerks, guards and cleaners and extremely poor teachers.