Road accidents on National Day declines 36 percent over last year

The National Traffic Safety Committee reported that there had been 29 road accidents with 16 deaths and 23 injured people in the whole country on September 2.
Police officers check blood alcohol level of a driver
Police officers check blood alcohol level of a driver

In comparison to last year, the number of road accidents on the National Day this year remains but the number of deaths reduced 36 percent.

Because the employees just enjoyed one day off on the occasion of the National Day along with an impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lessened volume of transport made accidents decrease.

However, the road accidents were high and the number of injured people still increases due to blood alcohol content violation, excessive speeding, reckless overtaking, encroaching lanes and riding without helmet, etc.

The road traffic police forces handled 3,904 drivers, of which there were 406 cases of blood alcohol concentration violations and the police temporarily seized 15 cars, 757 motorbikes and revoked 314 driver's licenses.

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