Preschoolers receive lunch support of $5.2

As per the new guidance of inter-departments of Education & Training; Finance and Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, preschool students in private and public facilities would receive lunch support for full-day .
Preschoolers receive lunch support of $5.2
The government will give support to four types of special preschoolers. Kids aged three to five study in preschools; kids whose parents live in island, mountainous or disadvantaged districts, orphans and kids with disabilities and kids from low-income families will receive support of VND120,000 ($5.2) for lunch.
The support will be in nine months. Each case will be supported in three years for maximum.
The expenditure is taken from the state budget revenue plan for the education sectors and from district budget.
Public preschools will receive the amount to spend gradually or give directly to kids’ parents while private facilities, the departments of education and training receive the amount and they will work with schools to implement the guidance.

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