Poor women in Can Gio given gifts, free medical examination

To celebrate the upcoming election of deputies to the 14th National Assembly and the election to the People’s Councils at all levels on May 15, Vietnam Women Union in Ho Chi Minh City organized a program named “ Yeu thuong va chia se” (Love and Share)  to provide free medical examination, medicines and gifts to low-income women in the city’s Can Gio District.

In a bid to help low-income families to have better shelters, the program built two new houses and gave two bank books to the union's disadvantaged members

Additionally, the union also gave five sugar can juice extractors , motorbikes, boats to poor women, helping them to improve the families’ financial condition.

The program also offered gifts, free medical examination and medicines to 200 women whose are relatives of soldiers in distant islands, former members of Youth Volunteer Association, and disabled women in the district.

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