Phu Yen Culture-Tourism Week opens

The central province of Phu Yen kicked off a Culture-Tourism Week on April 25 night, which is designed to introduce the unique local culture and promote tourism potential of Phu Yen, thus attracting more investments in the locality.
Yen Islet in Phu Yen province (Source: VNA)
Yen Islet in Phu Yen province (Source: VNA)
This is also one of the events marking the death anniversary of Hung Kings (the 10th of the third lunar month, which falls on April 25 this year) and the 43rd anniversary of the Liberation of the South and National Reunification Day (April 30).
The programme, to last until May 1, will take place in Tuy Hoa city, Song Cau town and Tuy An district with ten major activities, including a tour to Dai Lanh Cape, the easternmost point of the country which is the first place in Vietnam to see the sun rise, and a Bai Choi singing festival.
On this occasion, ceremonies will be held to receive the title of Special National Relic Site granted to Hon Yen (Yen Islet), and announce Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s decision on the master plan for Xuan Dai Bay national tourism site.
Phu Yen is one of the most beautiful provinces in the central region of the country. It has nearly 190km of coastline bordered with zigzag mountains and dotted with many bays, lagoons, cliffs and reefs.
One of the best known destinations in the province is Dai Lanh Cape, which offers visitors a special feeling. There, one side is the green mountains and forests while the other side is the deep ocean with its blue colour combined with the light blue colour of the sky as well as multi-shaped vertical cliffs. Under the cape is Mon Beach, a very clean and stunning beach where freshwater flowing from high mountains creates a lovely picture.
Another favourite place for visitors is Da Dia Reef which was recognised as a national heritage site. Looking like an orderly beehive, the reef is made of thousands of pentagonal rocks, causing passers-by to stop and contemplate the unusual and magnificent work of nature.
The province has many large and small beaches that are described as primitive. Some beaches untouched by visitors are where local fishermen set sail to catch fish. Long Thuy Beach has swaying coconut trees while a fishing village is located in Vung Bau Beach. Bang Beach runs along the rock reef.
Phu Yen also offers visitors unique dishes using local food, such as the signature Ninh Hoa Nem (Ninh Hoa meat roll), girdle-cakes served with muong fish, O Loan cockles and Phu Yen steamed savory rice cakes. All these dishes have unique flavours of Phu Yen province where human and nature are closely bonded.

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