National university processes complaint of lecturers in Korean Studies Faculty

After receiving the collective resignation of 12 lecturers in the Faculty of Korean Studies (University of Social Sciences and Humanities – USSH), the Director of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC) formed a task force to verify the complaints discussed in the resignation.

The task force of VNU-HCMC began its work in USSH on March 4. Therefore, in pursuance of Point C, Clause 2, Article 25 of the Press Law, USSH temporarily stops providing related information to the press.

According to Mr. Tran Nam, Head of the Communications and Public Relations Department of USSH, his university strictly observed the procedure to process a complaint, from mediation, formal dialogue, to instruction on sending an official complaint to the Management Board for a feasible solution.

However, USSH did not receive any formal complaint from concerned lecturers. Instead, these teachers directly sent their complaint to the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam (GIV). After receiving the forwarded complaint from GIV, USSH immediately established a task group to handle the case in accordance with regulation.

The 12 lecturers have then sent their complaint for the second time to GIV, which transferred it to VNU-HCMC.

USSH issued a formal criticism to the Dean of the Korean Studies Faculty for the weakness in management tasks, along with a request to adopt a proper solution to tackle this problem. The university also criticized the 11 lecturers because of their lack of respect towards USSH and certain wrong details of the objective truth in their complaint, negatively affecting the organization’s reputation.

USSH proposed to transfer these lecturers to another more suitable department, yet these people unilaterally terminated their work contract. Therefore, the university agreed to their request and offered detailed instruction on the procedure to ensure employee’s rights.

Simultaneously, USSH is hiring visiting lecturers and recruiting new ones so that the operation and training of the Faculty is properly maintained, minimizing the adverse effects of this incident on learners.

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