Movie of American filmmaker living in Vietnam honored at Santa Fe Film Fest

The movie, “The Brilliant Night” by director Aaron Toronto who has been living in Vietnam nearly 20 years won titles of Best Story and Best Performance for Female actress Nha Uyen  at the Santa Fe Film Festival 2022.
Movie of American filmmaker living in Vietnam honored at Santa Fe Film Fest ảnh 1 A scene in the film "The Briliiant Night"
The film is a story telling about a funeral in a family whose members go through a night with many emotional and even shocking events.
Aaron Toronto is an American filmmaker who has lived in Vietnam for around 20 years now. He participated in many successful films in various roles such as producer (in the movies of “Em chưa 18” (Jailbait), “Truy Sat” (Chasing); screenwriter ( “Tam Cam, The Untold Story”); deputy director (“De Mai Tinh” (Fool for Love); and editor (Teo Em). He was married to actress Nha Uyen.
One of the oldest film festivals in the world, the Santa Fe Film Festival, streams a new wave of independent films, has now continued for 20 consecutive years, and was held on February 3-13 with the participation of 168 films from 36 countries and territories.

The special setting of the festival in the unique and historic City of Santa Fe allows filmmakers, journalists, industry leaders and audiences from around the world to gather together in celebration of the film. The festival’s annual program includes curated selections of over 40 film programs including narrative and documentary features, shorts of all types, tributes to world-renowned film artists and industry professionals as well as a spotlight on local, New Mexican filmmakers and crew.

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