MOET announces 30 scholarships for studying in Ukraine

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has just announced the admission notification to study in Ukraine under the Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship Awards 2022 with 30 scholarships for Vietnamese citizens.

Accordingly, 25 scholarships will be extended for university and master levels, five ones shall be dedicated for Ph.D. level in fields of science and technology, social sciences and humanities.  The university program duration will last from three to four years, a master program in two years and the Ph.D. in three to four years, excluding one year of studying Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian government is responsible for supplying a free-of-charge education program, providing monthly scholarships and arranging accommodation in dormitories with applied fees regulated by the government. 

Candidates can submit the documents and dossiers online in advance on March 11 and the Ministry of Education and Training will consider nominating and announcing, guiding the relevant procedures for studying in Ukraine in upcoming October.

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