Ministry requests to increase dissemination of environment protection in 2020

In the document to its divisions across the country, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment requested to organize activities to disseminate information of environment protection.

The activities will be held in response to the National Week on Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation, the World Day for Cultural Diversity, the World Environment Day, the Vietnam’s Sea and Island Week and the “Let's make the world cleaner” campaign.

Deciding the week theme “Fresh water for rural districts while drought, water shortage, salinity and diseases hit the country”, the Ministry aimed to raise awareness, responsibilities and commitment of families, community, unions and local administrations about the significant role of fresh water. Ensuring to supply water for daily activities of residents in drought and salinity-hit areas is top priority.

Organizers of activities to propagandize the National Week on Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation should adopt technologies to issue document and materials to media.

Moreover, organizers should hang billboard and posters in visible places.

Additionally, organizers should focus on solving environment and natural resource-related tasks contributing to reduction of climate changes and drought due to water shortage in the Mekong Delta , the South Central and the Center Highlands regions.