Từ khóa: #salinity

Employees at the water plant strive to ensure safe water supply during the dry season

VN actively responds to saltwater intrusion, drought

The Mekong Delta has faced saline intrusion since December last year, while the Central Highlands are entering its dry season. This calls for proper solutions from the local authorities to help citizens cope with the harsh situation.
A paddy field in Chau Thanh District in Tra Vinh Province in the Mekong Delta (Photo: SGGP)

Climate change impacts on agriculture in Mekong Delta

Agriculture is an important sector of Vietnam especially the Mekong Delta, considered as the 'Rice bowl' of Vietnam; however, climate change and drought have made serious impacts on agriculture in the region.
A paddy field is hit by salinity in Mekong delta ( Photo : SGGP)

Mekong delta faces severe salinization

Early March, gradual saltwater intrusion in coastal provinces in the Mekong Delta is threatening to the primary production system and daily activities.

Soc Trang dredges canals as a measures to prepare for salinity intrusion (Photo: SGGP)

Mekong delta prompt salinity, drought prevention

In these days, the Mekong delta is facing drought while in the coastal provinces of Tien Giang, Kien Giang, Ben Tre intrusion of saline water threatens agricultural production and water source for daily activities.

Workers of a coconut procesing company make products from the fruit (Photo: SGGP)

Ben Tre province short of coconut

With vast gardens of green coconut trees, Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta is considered the capital of coconuts in Vietnam. Yet, this year, the province is short of the fruit.