Ministry encourages swimming classes to reduce risk of drowning

With the aim to reduce the risk of drowning, the Ministry of Education and Training has just issued the drowning prevention plan amongst children in 2021 in which the Ministry encouraged schools to organize swimming classes to reduce the risk of drowning.


The plan will be carried out from now to the end of November 2021.
The plan aims to raise teachers, students and parents’ awareness of drowning accident to actively prevent accidents, injuries and drowning in daily activities. Additionally, swimming is a great way to keep fit.
The Ministry of Education and Training will develop an action program on the prevention and control of injuries in children and students in the period of 2021-2030in the education sector according to the government program. Local administrators and schools should encourage people to learn water safety skills and swimming to combat the risk of drowning and injuries on mass media and social networks.
The Ministry will review documents on safe swimming skills for the prevention of accidents, injuries, and drowning. Preschool and high school teachers will be forced to take part in refresher courses of water safety skills and drowning prevention. The Ministry will strengthen the inspection, supervision and evaluation of the results of the implementation of injury prevention and drowning activities at educational facilities.
Schools were instructed to incorporate  water survival skills and swimming skills in extra-activities and physical education classes. Moreover, schools were encouraged to call for parents’ contribution for swimming classes inside and outside the school.
The Ministry of Education and Training required departments, branches and local administrations to provide water survival skills training and swim lessons to reduce drowning risk for children.
According to statistics from the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, every year more than 2,000 children die from unintentional drowning in Vietnam. The rate of child drowning in Vietnam is higher than other Southeast Asian countries and 10 times higher than that of developed countries. Roughly 53 percent of children lost their lives by drowning when they play near streams, rivers, lakes, canals, ditches without adults’ supervision.
More children die during school holidays.

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