Ministry asks to prevent diphtheria spread in educational institutions

The Ministry of Education and Training has sent a document to its departments countrywide asking to prevent spread of diphtheria in schools.
Schools must carry out hygiene activities (Photo: SGGP)
Schools must carry out hygiene activities (Photo: SGGP)
The Ministry proposed departments in cities and provinces to work with health departments and state competent agencies to implement proactive measures to monitor and prevent diphtheria spread in schools.
According to the document, education departments were urged to release information of the disease including cause of diphtheria, consequences and preventative measures to students, teachers and teaching staffs.
Students must be so well-informed of diphtheria information that they can act as a person who share the information of the disease to their family members and the community where they live.
Schools must carry out hygiene activities such as cleaning classrooms to prevent diphtheria spread.
Education authorities in each city and province must keep an eye on learners, teachers and teaching staffs. Moreover, they must report to local health sector about case of diphtheria infection soon.

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